Leasing FAQs

What is car leasing?

What are the benefits of car leasing?

Is leasing popular in UK?

Are all the cars you offer brand-new?

What is the right age to lease a car?

at ID do I need to provide?

I just passed my driving test. Can I lease a car?

Can I have a personalised number plate on a leased vehicle?

What does 3+23, 6+35 or 9+47 mean?

What is the difference between Personal and Business?

Why is there a charge if I exceed my mileage allowance?

Should I clean my vehicle before returning it?

What does the maintenance package include and what are its benefits?

If I opt for a maintenance package, how will I know that the car is due for a service?

I have a maintenance package as part of my contract. Where should I take my car for a service?

My credit rating is not good. Will I still be able to lease a car?

Do I need to be employed in order to lease a car? What income is needed?

How much money can I borrow?

How long does the credit check take?

Can I lease without putting down a deposit?

At the end of the contract, can I buy the car?

What is and isn’t included in my contract?

Do vehicles come with a warranty?

Does the price include insurance?

Are tyres and breaks covered on warranty?

Who is the registered owner of the lease vehicle?

Will I be charged for delivery?

Can I collect my vehicle?

How many sets of keys will I be given?

Will my vehicle be delivered on a truck or by a driver?

Will I have to hand over any ID when my vehicle is delivered?

Do I need a special charger to charge my vehicle?

Electric & Hybrid - How often will I need to service a hybrid car?

Electric & Hybrid - Where can I get my hybrid car serviced?